Practice Areas

Crull, Castaing & Lilly handles the whole spectrum of criminal cases including state and federal charges, and practice-areasfelonies and misdemeanors alike. With clients that range from the individual charged with D.W.l. to Fortune 500 corporations facing charges before federal grand juries, there isn’t much that the attorneys of Crull, Castaing & Lilly haven’t seen. For the past 50 years, criminal trials and litigation have been the firm’s primary focus. For more information on criminal representation, Contact Us.

A substantial portion of the criminal cases we handle fall into the subcategory of criminal law known as “white-collar crime.” The firm routinely defends both individual and corporate clients accused of fraud, bribery, embezzlement, antitrust, and environmental violations. For years, Crull, Castaing & Lilly has been highly regarded in the community for its representation of business owners, medical professionals, attorneys, judges, politicians, and corporations accused of misconduct. In fact, one of its partners, Eddie Castaing, has been recognized as a Superlawyer four years in a row for his representation in white-collar cases.

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Crull, Castaing & Lilly is routinely engaged to represent both plaintiffs and defendants in connection with complex commercial matters, including class actions of various types and antitrust matters. For instance, on the plaintiff’s side, the firm has brought class actions on behalf of aggrieved consumers, employees contending that they are entitled to overtime compensation, and students contending a breach of their enrollment agreement. The firm has also represented defendants in connection with antitrust matters, insurance regulatory matters, and civil environmental matters.

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Over the years, Crull, Castaing & Lilly have litigated numerous personal injury matters of various types, including, but not limited to, automobile accidents, medical malpractice, product liability, injuries sustained on the job, and civil assault and battery cases. The firm has been on both sides of the fence in personal injury cases as well. The attorneys of Crull, Castaing & Lilly provide experienced civil representation with a criminal edge that only seasoned, criminal trial attorneys like themselves are able to offer.

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The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) is a United States federal law that provides for both criminal and civil causes of action. While most think of RICO as a criminal provision, a private individual may bring a civil suit based on the harm suffered as a result of an allegedly criminal enterprise and, if successful, the individual may collect treble (3 x) damages. RICO is an exceptionally complex federal act, and cases involving RICO demand attorneys who have experience with the Act. The attorneys of Crull, Castaing & Lilly have extensive knowledge and experience representing clients in criminal RICO cases, as well as civil.

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Crull, Castaing & Lilly has also engaged in the defense of asbestos claims in throughout Louisiana state courts and federal courts. The firm was counsel for an industrial manufacturer of fluid sealing products.

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The firm also represents individuals in adjudications before Louisiana administrative agencies, including the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners.